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The Benefits of Silk on the Hair and Skin

Silk is one of the best kept secrets. Sleeping on silk will do wonders for your skin it reduces wrinkles and helps to retain moisture allowing the skin to retain a youthful glow and appearance.          ...
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Image of a girl getting her hair washed.

Deciding on the Best Shampoo for your Hair Type

Why Is Shampoo Important?  Liquid Shampoo was invented in 1927 by a German inventor Hans Schwarzkopf in Berlin. The world hasn’t looked back since with it being instilled into us as we were growing up that washing your scalp is...
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5 Hot New Hairstyles for 2020

Ombre  Borrowing the term from the French, Ombre is becoming more and more popular with women heading into 2020. This hairstyle is what makes layered hair stand out from the crowd. This method gradually changes the colour of your hair...
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