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5 Hot New Hairstyles for 2020


Borrowing the term from the French, Ombre is becoming more and more popular with women heading into 2020. This hairstyle is what makes layered hair stand out from the crowd. This method gradually changes the colour of your hair giving it a defined glow. Ombre hairstyle often is dark in the roots and gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It’s often a smart choice of hairstyle because it’s low maintenance. This one of the new hairstyles for women that will take 2020 by storm, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and Jessica Biel all rocking the ombre look. It won’t be long until more follow suit.

Bob Cut 

The Bob cut disappeared for a few years, however now it’s making a resurgence with many celebrities following the trend. This could signal that the bob cut could be the new hairstyle for 2020. With this hairstyle there are lots of things to take into consideration with it needing a lot of aftercare, determining your face shape and deciding whether the bob would suit your face. Another thing to take into consideration is your neck length. The longer necks open up to a wide range of length bobs. However, the short necks suit a more classic bob. The blunt bob is circulating around social media right now, why not take the plunge and go for the bob cut?

Layered Long Hair       

If you’re able to grow your hair, the layered look is always a winner. Making your hair look very sophisticated and elegant. A layered haircut is one with maximum volume and gives you the ability to be flexible with the styling. When debating whether to go for the layered cut, reflect on your personal style. Long layers that blend in look smooth and silky with a long shag hairstyle gives you a messy, edgy look. There are many different variations of layered hair all giving a luscious, refreshing look for you to go into 2020 with a bang!

Pixie Cut 

The Pixie hairstyle is taking the hair world by storm with it becoming a mainstay in recent years. This modern hairstyle is ideal for a fashionable, contemporary woman that has a hectic lifestyle. The pixie cut a simple hairstyle that can be flexible giving you the choice of the variety of cuts you want. It requires little maintenance and you can adopt this hairstyle whatever your hair type. Women with thick hair often give you a textured look and untroublesome volume. Get rid of that ‘boyish’ stereotype that has arrived with the pixie hairstyle. Whatever your personality a pixie hairstyle is perfect for you.

Straight & Sleek 

The straight and sleek is definitely going to make a revival in 2020 with a lot of celebrities switching to the hairstyle for a strong and defined look. Women with dead straight hair are often jealous of people with wavy has because they feel there is very little they can do with their hair. They’re wrong, straight hair looks lovely in a pomaded pixie cut or a choppy bob. Your hair may be straight but there are many things you can do with it. There are loads of celebrities rocking this cute hairstyle including Mila Kunis, Jessie J and Kylie Jenner. Why not follow this gorgeous trend and get your straight hair looking fabulous!  

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